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Glossary or reference of some of the common terms used in World of Tanks.

Term Description
88mm KwK 43 L/71 88 mm caliber. Caliber is the diameter of the inner barrel, so its effectively a measure of the size of the projectile.
KwK is abbreviation for Kampfwagenkanone, or tank cannon. The same gun when mounted on a tank destroyer was designated as PaK (Panzerabwehrkanone or anti-tank cannon).
43 indicates the model number. German gun manufacturers used the year it was introduced. KwK 43 would mean the gun was introduced in 1943.
L/71 is the barrel length expressed in multiples of the caliber. For example, L/71 would indicate 71 times of the caliber (ie 88 x 71 = 6248 mm, or 6.2 meters barrel length).
afk Away from the keyboard.
AP Armor Piercing, or solid shell.
APCBC Armor Piercing Capped Ballistic Cap. An improvement of the basic AP shell.
APCR Armor Piercing Composite Rigid, tungsten core. In World of Tanks, this is considered premium ammunition.
arty Artillery.
AT Antitank.
Ausf. Ausfuhrung. Model or more accurately, Batch number.
camp Camping, or to hide in ambush.
cap Capture. Capture the flag (or base).
ffs For f__k's sake.
ftw For the win.
gj Good job.
gw Good work.
HE High explosive. HE shells are effective regardless of range.
HEAT High explosive, anti-tank. A special type of shell that incorporates a shaped charge used to defeat armored vehicles. Its effectiveness is independant of range.
HE-T High explosive, with tracer.
HT Heavy tank.
KwK Kampfwagenkanone. Tank cannon. When mounted on a tank destroyer, or used independantly, it would be designated PaK (Panzerabwehrkanone or anti-tank cannon).
leo Leopard tank.
LT Light tank.
MT Medium tank.
noob Noobie, or newbie. New inexperienced player.
np No problem.
ns Nice shot.
PaK Panzerabwehrkanone. Antitank cannon. When mounted on a tank, it would be designated KwK (Kampfwagenkanone or tank cannon).
Pzgr. 39 Panzergranate. Armor piercing shell. Pzgr. 39 was a common antitank round used during WW2 and was available in various caliber fom 50mm to 88mm.
Pzkpfw. Panzerkampfwagen. Armored Combat Vehicle
Sdkfz. Sonder Kraftfahrzeug. Special purpose vehicle. Or simply put, “chassis”. Designation used by German military vehicles prior to and up to WW2.
spall A shockwave effect that travels through the armor of a tank as a result a high explosive explosion. The round does not need to penetrate, but the shockwave effect is dangerous to crew and equipment.
SPG Self propelled gun (artillery).
Spgr. Sprenggranate. High explosive shell.
(t) Tschechisch, the German word for Czech. For example the Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) was a Czech tank pressed into German service.
TD Tank destroyer (antitank).
tk, or tking Team kill, or team killing. A player who deliberately attacks his team mate.