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Game Currency

Game Currency

World of Tanks uses a couple of resources, or game points, or game currency - whatever you want to call it. There are four main resource points :-

  1. Credits
  2. Research Points
  3. Free Tank Research Points
  4. Gold

1. Credits

Credits are earned by participating in battles and the better you do during a battle, the more credits you earn. Credits are used to buy equipment, ammunition, tanks, and also for repairing damaged vehicles. Eventhough repairs and restocking of ammunition may be costly, but you'll rarely be in the red for low tier battles. That changes however as you reach Tier 7 battles, and upwards. For tier 8 to 10 battles, eventhough you've played averagingly well, its normal to lose credits if you're on non-premium account, and on non-premium vehicle.

The real challenge comes when you want to buy a new tank, or do an equipment upgrade. The cost of some tanks and modules can be very, very expensive. The coated optics module itself costs 500,000 credits. To increase your credit store, you can convert gold into credits. The conversion rate is:-

    1 gold = 400 credits

You can also sell off vehicles and equipment and get some credits back. The resale value of tanks and equipment is 50% of the original price. Tanks and equipment along with their resale value can be seen from the depot.

One great way to earn credits is to drive a premium tank. Tier 8 premium tanks are the best credit earners, and the more expensive the premium tank, the more credit it earns. For example, the Lowe currently costs 12,500 gold, vs the Type 59 at 7,500 gold. On average, the Lowe earns more credits per battle than the Type 59.

2. Research Points, Free Tank Research Points and Experience Points

You earn experience points by participating in a battle. The better you do in a battle, the more points you earn. Directly after a battle, these experience points are converted into three other types of points :-

    Tank Research Points
    Free Tank Research Points
    Crew Experience

The ratio of points allocation (from experience points gained) is as follows :-

    Tank Research Points = 100 %
    Free Tank RP = 5 %
    Crew Experience = 100 %

This assumes you're not using a Premium Account, where you earn 50% more the experience points per battle.

Tank Research Points are used to unlock new equipment and tanks in the tech tree. It can be used only on the current tank. So if you have 10,000 research points earned on a Panzer II, then these points can be used only on the Panzer II tank.

Free Tank Research Points function the same way as Research Points, except they can be used on any tank. When unlocking an upgrade on a tank, Tank Research Points is always spent first. If there isn't enough RP, then Free Tank RP is used.

When all components on a tank have been researched/unlocked, the tank reaches Elite Status. Any Research Points earned on an Elite status vehicle can then transferred to Free Tank Research Points, or used to speed up crew training. Your options are :-

    Transfer to Free Tank Research Points - will cost you 1 gold for every 25 RP transferred.
    Speed up crew training - the least experienced crew earns 200% (double) of the experience points.

Crew Experience Points can be seen by right clicking on the crew portrait. The crew's level of veterancy is expressed in percentage. Every tanker starts at 50%, and once he reaches 100%, it unlocks additional skills which may be improved. The additional skills are Vehicle Repair, Fire Fighting and Camouflage. You may select only one skill at a time, and once that reaches 100%, you can then choose the second skill to unlock and so on.

A crew is very specific with which tank they drive. A Panzer II crew cannot be assigned to another tank without going through retraining. Retraining is very unprofitable as he loses much percentage points. The fastest way to shortcut the entire process of gaining crew veterancy is to send him to Regimental School. With just 200 gold, he instantly achieves 100% experience, which will otherwise take weeks of leveling up. If you're going to train just one crew, then train the commander. The commander adds a bonus to all the other crew. More on this is explained under the barracks.

For vehicles with Elite Status, if Speed Up Crew Training is checked, then the least experienced crew earns 200% of experience points (instead of the normal 100%).

3. Gold

Gold is probably the most fluid resource. Its like money where it can be used to exchange with other stuffs. Gold is bought with real money, meaning you'll need to pay for it probably using Paypal, your credit card or something similar. Gold may also be earned in several ways :-

  • Clan wars. If your clan owns provinces - each province earns gold everyday which is deposited into the clan's coffers. The commander may distribute (or choose not to distribute) this gold to clan members.
  • At special events periodically held by WoT - such as kill the Mod, or special competitions.

Gold has many uses in the game. Among them:-

    You can convert it to credits. 1 gold = 400 credits.
    It is needed to convert Research Points to Free Tank Research Points. 1 gold = 25 RP
    You can use it to activate a Premium Account.
    You can use it to buy Premium Tanks and Premium Ammunition. The cost varies, but Premium stuffs are supposedly better.
    You can use it to train your tank crew to 100%.
    You can buy camouflage paint for your vehicle.

Gold however cannot be used to buy Research Points. That's a good thing really, because it forces you to play the game in order to earn research points, in order to climb the tech tree. No shortcuts allowed here :P