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How To Get The Top Gun Award

Top Gun Achievement

Strategies on getting the Top Gun Achievement

The Top Gun Achievement is awarded to a player with at least six kills in a single battle. It is a coveted (highly sought after) award because not many players are able to achieve such outstanding performance in a battle.

However, getting the Top Gun Award is really not as difficult as one would imagine.

Top Gun Achievement

Getting the Top Gun award is a combination of luck, tactics, and playing skill. You’ll need all of them in order to have at least six kills in a single battle. And just because you’ve done it once, does not mean that you can reliably do it again. Ask any player who has won a top Gun award, and even he too cannot guarantee that he can reliably repeat his performance in the next battle.

Firstly, in order for a Top Gun award to be possible at all, you have far greater chances if you appear at the top of your team tier, and preferably the other tiers are widely spread out.

Top tier tank

In the screen shot above, I’m at number two. Meaning, I’m at the top of the tier. Driving a KV (a tier 5 tank), and the lowest is a tier 3 (Panzer 38t and Marder II). Because I'm driving the biggest and baddest tank in the battle, this gives me an excellent chance of winning the Top Gun. This is the first ingredient required in winning the Top Gun. That's why I took this screen shot even before the battle began. I already knew I had a good chance of getting Top Gun with such a setup.

If you appeared at the bottom tier, then don’t hope for a Top Gun award. Its simply impossible. Even if you’re at the top tier, but if most of the other tanks were at the same tier as you, then your chances are greatly diminished.

So if you find yourself perfectly matched against your opponents for a Top Gun award, then you need to alter your playing strategy.

Be aggressive. And attack at the onset. Do not camp, do not play defense, or base defense. You should spearhead the attack. Go look for the enemy, and march up to their base, and attack. Because you’re at top tier, your opponents will have a hard time killing you.

They may hit you many times, but their shots will bounce, cause little to no damage, while you can one shot many of them with your powerful gun. This doesn’t mean that you’re indestructible though, so some playing skill is required too. All the usual combat tactics still apply, just that you must play aggressively.

If you see TDs, artillery, and other tanks of your same tier, target them first as they’re the only ones who have any chance of hurting you.

With an aggressive playing style, and some good playing skills, you’ll find you’d easily walk away with several kills, and sometimes reach the required number of six kills and be awarded the Top Gun award.

In fact, the real challenge is not in not getting killed, but killing the opponents before your team mates do.

Its not an even playing field when you’re top tier. Take advangate of it. And its not that difficult to get six kills if you’re top tier. In essence, the ingredients are :-

  • A good match alignment for top tier
  • Aggressive playing style
  • Good playing skills

Top Gun Statistics

In the Statistics screen above, a few points to note :-

  • I fired only 11 shots, with 8 hitting the target. With six kills, and another one damaged, it means most of my shots will were one shot kill.
  • I took 4 hits. And barely took any damage with over 90% health remaining. This means my KV is almost immune to my opponent's fire.
  • Point 3. Fear not when the odds are tipped heavily to your favor. Attack!!!