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Object 261 Camouflage and Visibility Test Trials

In this section, we tested the Object 261’s visibility detection range using the Camouflage Perk and Camouflage Net in order to determine the effects of these modifiers.

The Object 261 is a giant sized vehicle, and vehicles such as the Maus, GW Type E and other large profile vehicles should share similar visibility characteristics. This test serves to conclusively explain the effects of the Camouflage perk and Camouflage Net on large hulled vehicles.

Visibility Test

The official description of Camouflage perk is :-
“The skill reduces vehicle visibility. The effect increases with skill level. Effective skill level is averaged across the entire crew. The skill is more effective when combined with Camouflage Net.”

And Camouflage Net is explained as :-
“-25% to detection chance when vehicle is stationary.”

We decided to put these to the test and see if they were any good on large hulled vehicles. Please note that visibility on large hulled vehicles are very different from small hulled vehicles. A small tank destroyer like the Stug is more difficult to spot than a giant Maus.

The game version is 7.2. Tests were conducted using the Bison as the spotter vehicle. The Bison was chosen because it has the furthest viewing distance of 402 meters. The commander’s skill is 100%, so it has the maximum viewing distance. No other modifiers were added such as binoculars or enhanced optics as most players do not use these.

Visibility tests were conducted in open grounds, as well as hidden in a bush. The map used is Malinovka. Visibility detection range were recorded for all actions – stationary, moving/turning and shooting. First starting with a crew without the Camouflage perk and without the Camouflage Net. Then with the Camouflage perk and Camouflage Net and the results were compared.

Here are the results :-

Open Ground Test

In these open grounds test, the Object 261 was placed on a hill on open terrain.

Object 261 in Open Ground (visibility in meters).

0% camo perk
No camo net
0% camo perk
With camo net
100% camo perk
No camo net
100% camo perk
With camo net
If stationary 393 391 386 382
If move/turn 398 398 395 395
If shoot 402 401 402 401

The test shows there is very little difference in open ground visibility – whether stationary, moving or firing, the vehicle can be spotted from a distance of between 382 meters to 402 meters (the maximum viewing distance of the spotter). Its certain that vehicles with binoculars or enhanced optics will spot the Object 261 even further, up to a distance of 500 meters.

Camouflage Net is completely useless when moving or firing your gun. To put it simply, if you move, or shoot, it’s the same as having no Camouflage Net. Even when stationary, the Camo Net hardly made any difference at all.

Camouflage perk is just about as useless. Even with the entire crew having 100% Camouflage perk, it had almost no difference in visibility.

The Camouflage perk and Camouflage Net is not worth it and should not be used for large hulled vehicles.

The most important lesson from this is that if you’re in open grounds, you can be easily spotted from miles away. It doesn’t matter what you do, whether stationary or shooting, or whether you have all the camouflage perks and camouflage net, its all useless. The thing to do is to get to cover.

Hidden in Bushes Test

Object 261 hiding in bush

These tests were repeated, but now the Object 261 was placed hiding in a bush (visibility in meters).

0% camo perk
No camo net
0% camo perk
With camo net
100% camo perk
No camo net
100% camo perk
With camo net
If stationary 175 172 167 163
If move/turn 180 179 177 176
If shoot 369 368 368 368

As before, the Camouflage Perk and Camouflage Net should not be used on large hulled vehicles. Even when hiding in a bush, the Camouflage perk and Camo Net did not make any worthwhile difference in concealing its location.

Its okay to move and relocate frequently, as these do not really increase visibility - as long as you move behind the bushes. As can be seen, the detection range from being stationary to moving is very small (a mere 5 or 10 meters difference). The important thing is not to move from behind the bushes to open grounds.

It also can be seen that firing your gun causes a huge visibility. Even when hiding inside a bush, firing the gun causes it to be spotted at a distance of almost 370 meters. This means that if you shoot at an enemy tank within your line of sight, then there’s a very good chance that you’ll also blow your cover.

Note :- the maximum viewing distance of the spotter vehicle is 402 meters.


For vehicles like the Maus, E-100, GW Type E, Object 261, Jagdtiger, and any large hulled vehicle, don't waste your time on Camouflage perk and Camouflage Net. They are really useless.